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Epsom Salts..... Good or Bad???

After some treatments (usually deep tissue) I recommend an Epsom Salt Bath; and those who I have recommended this to will also know I always follow that statement with “drink A LOT more water during and after your bath”.

So What Do Epsom Salts Do & Why should you use them?

Epsom Salts aren’t just regular bath salts, epsom salts are neutral mineral salts made up of molecules such as magnesium and sulfur and oxygen, which creates a compound substance that actually helps with muscle recovery, aches and pains such as arthritis and skin problems.

How Does it Work?

When the epsom salts dissolve in the water of your warm bath, it releases the magnesium and sulfates ions in the water. These ions provide important bodily functions; magnesium provides muscle and nerve function, promotes sleep, stress relief and energy production. Regarding sulfur your body needs it to fix your DNA and protect your cells from damage, it assists in metabolizing food and helps contribute to healthy skin, tendons and ligaments.

Back to the importance of increasing your water consumption!!!!!

Due to the salt structure epsom salts will pull H2O molecule from the body through the epithelial tissue (skim) - this means if you take a Epsom Salt bath after a Massage treatment, you should increase your water intake substantially to prevent dehydration and any tenderness the following day.

So Good or Bad??

I’m sure you’ve gathered there are pros and cons, and of course there are always side effects to anything you do or use. It can cause lightheadedness, headaches or even potentially nausea, that is why we increase the water consumption (can’t stress it enough).

Therefore, Epsom Salts can be very beneficial to the body for many reasons, but you must pay attention to your body’s response to avoid dehydration and any other side effects that may occur.

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